New World disables wealth transfers as item dupes ruin the game economy

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Amazon has disabled trading in New World after players discovered an item duping glitch over the weekend.Players of Amazon’s New World got busy this weekend after a new glitch was discovered and brought to light. The item duping glitch allowed players to duplicate a large variety of in-game items at no cost.

Over the weekend, the news started through the New world Community regarding a trophy duplication bug that allowed unscrupulous players to make copies of the lucrative items at will. As the glitch spread, the price of these trophies began to crumble in the in-game market, ruining the investment of time, effort, and in-game money for many serious gamers.

Blizzard fixes Diablo III gold duplication bug, but the damage may be done.Duplication glitches are nothing new in the world of online games, of course, and these things often happen as new games face down thousands of players looking for cracks in their security. With New World, though, this is already a recurring problem less than two months since launch.

Duplication issues aren’t new to the online gaming world, of course, and these things often happen when new games face thousands of players looking for security holes. With New world, however, this is already a recurring problem less than two months since launch. November 1, Community Manager Luxendra notified players of a gold duplication bug, one of the many major issues plaguing the game at the time. Amazon also stopped wealth transfers at this point, before reactivating them the next day after the issue was resolved.

While New World is still somewhat playable with economic transfers shut down, there are some specific knock-on effects to the decision for other in-game systems. Some players, for example, are complaining that the shutdown has prevented them from paying the virtual taxes on their in-game towns, leading to automatic downgrades that they have no way to prevent. is the most secure and reliable online platform to sell New World Coins to buyers.

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